Wheel Set 100mm Dia

Alimaster R – Wheel Set 100mm Dia

All sizes.

Alimaster R shelving is constructed using anodised aluminium frame and beam sections with polyester shelving panels that can be removed for cleaning. All end frames are supplied assembled and beams are connected using hooks that locate via holes spaced at 150mm centres on the uprights. Weight loading capability is high, the system is also light, attractive and widely used in cold-rooms and professional kitchens. Typical uses are:-

– Coldrooms / Freezer rooms
– Potwash
– Chemical areas
– Drystores
– Kitchen / Prep

Wheel Sets 100mm are a set of castors that are fitted to a bay of shelving to make it mobile. The larger diameter (100mm or 4 inch) makes movement easier and is a great aid if units need to be pulled out for cleaning or used for transporting goods a short distance.

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